Журнал Bead & Button, июнь 2014


  1. Coin toss pendant by Michelle McEnroe - Surround a flat focal with Rulla beads, two-hole lentils, pearls, and seed beads for a two-sided accessory.
  2. Bead embroidered stamped leather cuff by Abigail Engelking - Use rubber stamps to jazz up a leather bracelet, and then embellish the design with backstitch and a beaded edging.
  3. Flower bud necklace by Connie Whittaker - Showcase B&B's 20th anniversary focal with beaded beads featuring SuperDuos, two-hole lentils, drops, and more
  4. Surfin' the waves by Jimmie Boatright - Transform peyote stitch into a curved Cellini necklace simply by switching up the bead sizes.
  5. Serpentine soutache bracelet by Alexandra Sydorenko - Frame a Luna Soft cabochon with bands of soutache punctuated by pockets of SuperDuo beads.
  6. Twin flower lariat by Kerrie Slade - Work in tubular brick stitch with Twin beads for a lengthy necklace ending in a pair of flower buds.
  7. Studded bracelet by Dana Rudolph - Combine two-hole bead studs with cubic right-angle weave tubes for a really wearable bracelet or bangle.
  8. Pearl palisade necklace by Jane Danley Cruz - Stitch and string beaded bead caps with large-hole pearls for an instant classic.
  9. Scrumptious scallops by Carolyn Cave - Bring together four sizes of pearls for a necklace of fan-shaped components.
  10. Rizo florets by Sandie Bachand - Whip up textural beaded beads using the new Rizo shape, and string them into a necklace.
  11. Charmed by the sea necklace by Alison Jayne Layton - Combine a pastel palette of crystals and pearls with chain and charms for the perfect summer accessory.

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