Журнал Bead & Button, декабрь 2013


  1. Maharani ring/pendant By Maggie Roschyk - This project features Tammy Rae's ring-top cabochons. They have a stainless steel screw thread embedded in the back, which makes them interchangeable with ring and pendant findings. Whether you choose to make a ring or a pendant, the steps are the same. Once you've completed the bead embroidery, simply select the appropriate findings, and screw it into the back of the beadwork.
  2. Componentry By Marla Salezze - Assemble a bracelet of metal beads and findings, each embellished with peyote, ladder stitch, netting, or bead embroidery.
  3. Pearl vine bracelet By Ayla Phillips Pizzo - String pearls on leather cords while tying a few overhand knots for a bracelet you can wear at two different lengths.
  4. Ribbons of pearls ornament By Cathy Lampole - Wrap bands of right-angle weave around a glass ball bauble, and then dress them up with trailing loops of graduated accents.
  5. Enduring drops necklace By Connie Whittaker - Stitch up a celebration with a necklace featuring the Bead&Button 20th anniversary bead by Lydia Muell.
  6. Fire & ice By Cynthia Rutledge - Fashion a supple bangle by rolling a tube or wire mesh and adding a peyote stitch band, cup chain, and pearls.
  7. Coveted collar By Isabella Lam - Nestle seed beads, drops, and crystals among a necklace of cleverly woven SuperDuos.
  8. Pixie petals bracelet By Rose Kasallis - Embellish a peyote stitch band with surface texture, a looped edging, and a profusion of Lucite flowers.
  9. Shining star necklace By Agnieszka Watts - Use netting to capture a round crystal, creating a seven-point pendant you can hang from a spiral rope necklace.
  10. Button-it-up bracelet By Sharon Wagner - Embed the new Crystaletts buttons in a right-angle weave cuff or bangle – the stitches cradle the buttons perfectly!
  11. Piggyback bracelet By Jane Danley Cruz - Stack two-hole piggy beads one behind the other for a sophisticated accessory.
  12. Spiro playground By Lisa Niven Kelly - Create an elegant look with a technique inspired by a favorite children's toy – the Spirograph!
  13. Row-by-row pearls By Sandie Bachand - Make a single-strand or double-decker bracelet using classic pearls, seed beads, and bicones.
  14. Intensity and those tricky muted tones By Margie Deeb - Creating palettes with complementary color intensities can be a challenge, especially when working with low-intensity hues. Learn how to get it right in the last installment of this series.
  15. Shimmering snowflake earrings By Graehound - Sparkling crystals and Swarovski cosmic rings light the way in these daring, dangling earrings.
  16. Artist Spotlight: Betsy Youngquist By Maggie Roschyk, Stacy Werkheiser - For artist Betsy Youngquist, eyes (and dolls and antlers and creatures) are windows to her evolving body of work.

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  • интересные проекты с пошаговыми фотографиями и инструкциями
  • советы мастеров и техники для усовершенствования вашего бисерного мастерства
  • а также много другой интересной информации!
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