Журнал Bead & Button, август 2013


  1. Lentil spiral splendor necklace By Marcia Balonis Alternating ribbons of oval pearls and fire-polished beads twisting around a core of two-hole lentil beads create a smooth spiral necklace.
  2. Row of roses bracelet By Mabeline Gidez Work this bracelet band in modified two-drop peyote stitch using a two-needle start. Then add a intricate edging of seed beads and crystals to frame a row of clustered crystals reminiscent of summer roses.
  3. Fanci-frill necklace By Isabella Lam This vintage-style collar uses modern beads in an intricate design. Achieve a classic look using SuperDuo beads, bugles, seed beads, bicones, and magatamas.
  4. Double-sided diamond bangle By Susan Harle Pair two favorite palettes in this reversible design. This bracelet is as versatile as it gets with a reversible and classic geometric motif! Thanks to an ingenious peyote technique, you'll work both sides of the bangle at the same time and as a continuous piece.
  5. Light of the soul necklace By Julia Hecht Bezel a rivoli in right-angle weave (with a bit of peyote stitch and netting mixed in). Next, work a kumihimo braid, and finish off with herringbone accents and a clever clasp with attached end caps.
  6. Autumn around the corner By Alexandra Sydorenko Inspired by blooming chrysanthemums and fallen leaves, this necklace also takes its cues from Russia and the amber so prevalent in that country. Get the look with seed beads in a handful of golden tones and a sampler of beading techniques: embroidery, herringbone, peyote stitch, fringe, and more!
  7. Ruffled ribbon bracelet By Julie Glasser Different color of seed beads worked in odd-count peyote stitch take on a gathered appearance when you thread a band of cylinder beads through them. The bank also serves as a place to attach a matching peyote toggle clasp.
  8. Reversible romance By Amy Kohn This reversible pendant has twice the allure with a different color palette on each side. A pair of Lunasoft cabochons stand back to back, ready to be embellished by crystals and seed beads. Choose colors for each side of the bezel and bail to reflect the inner glow of the cabs.
  9. Crystal chic By Julia Gerlach Combine seed beads with mini crystals from Swarovski to add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
  10. Puffy rings bracelet By Connie Whittaker These cute open-center beaded beads stitch up quickly (thanks to SuperDuos!) and when connected make a reversible bracelet or earrings.
  11. How hot (or cool) is your jewelry? By Margie Deeb The temperature of the colors in your jewelry says a lot about the piece. The question is, does your jewelry say what you intend? In this three-part series, learn to speak with color in ways you may have never considered before!
  12. Captured heart earrings By Penny Dixon If you don't fall for the sweet, subtle shape of these earrings, you'll certainly be taken by their perfect balance wire loops (so similar to netting!) and beautiful beads.
  13. Jari Sheese By Maggie Roschyk A bead artist fans the flames of her passion for lampworking.

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